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Fashion Icons From The 90’s That Are Still Killing It Today

Can you believe we left the 90’s 17 years ago? Neither can we. Even though it has been 17 years, we can’t help but notice that some of the fashion icons that we loved in the 90’s are still killing it today. Oh yes, we remember the washed out denim look and cami dresses very well. Here are some of our favourite fashion icons that we were absolutely obsessed with in the 90’s for their fashion choices and whom we are still absolutely obsessed with today.

Johnny Depp & Kate Moss

We all remember the Johnny Depp & Kate Moss days when they were the hot couple in the A-list world. With their matching leathers and effortlessly cool hairstyles, they quite simply rocked the fashion world. We are still heartbroken that these two never got their happy ever after though. Kate was way ahead of the time with her stacking rings which is a hot trend today.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss deserves a place of her own, after all she did rock the cami dress trend like no other in the 90’s. She always dressed her cami dresses with beautiful delicate yet statement necklaces such as this amazing diamond choker. After looking back at some of her old paps from the 90’s, we forgot how much she actually loved wearing cami dresses. Even today, Kate Moss is still setting fashion trends.

Winona Ryder

If there was ever an IT girl who knew how to dress, it was Winona Ryder. Her style was always unique to her which is why she was a trend setter and never a trend follower. We love how confident she was in herself to wear what she wanted and create outfits that completely resembled her personality. We are in complete envy of this entire outfit and would certainly rock it today!

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was the ultimate flower girl and boho babe in the 90’s. Her 90’s style would certainly not look out of place in 2016. She would rarely be seen without flowers in her hair or wearing denim, it was definitely her signature look. Flowers in the hair and denim are still a very common sight in the summer and at music festivals..

Jennifer Aniston

We all fell in love with Jennifer Aniston when she played Rachel Green in Friends. She was well known for her fabulous hair with women worldwide trying to copy it. Not only was her hair fab though, she also had great fashion sense. Her style on and off screen had us all green with envy. Even today, women look to her for style inspiration.


This entire film was filled with crazy yet brilliant outfits that inspired us all to get a little more creative with our own wardrobes. From their very unique gym outfits to their cute co-ords, the stylists of this film were way beyond their time. Co-ords are a huge trend right now which is why Clueless still remains such an iconic fashion film.

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